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2009-04-15 01:16:47 by Axilia-Eranova-Black

I don't do flash, but I do make pictures. Visit my site.

Jan Svankmajer

2008-08-27 08:24:27 by Axilia-Eranova-Black

He makes the most disturbing animations anyone has ever seen. Dubbed the Animator of Prague, he displays his animations with surrealism and smooth editing that the world has ever seen. His most well-known movie, Alice, is his version of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland that will change your perspective of the Disney's version entirely.

If you search in Youtube under his name [with surname] and watch any of the vids there, I can swear to you that it will leave yo feeling weird after this.

I must be addicted to disturbing things, because I find myself wanting to watch all his vids.

Go ahead and say I have a sick mind or whatever, but don't judge me until you've seen at least three of his animations [it took me five of that and a movie to get me pulled into all this]

Doing nothing

2008-06-12 03:25:09 by Axilia-Eranova-Black

Not doing anything. I'm feeling kind of bored and random.



2008-05-30 04:15:45 by Axilia-Eranova-Black

Been doing nothing lately... Except for updating an FAQ for a new roleplay board >.< that is one thing you can't do when you don't have time to do it...

Here's the website:Warriors of the Sea If you're really interested, read the rules first, make a decision and then join. After that, go read the FAQ; it's up-to-date with the most recent info you'll need to know.

So yeah, so feel free to spam my deviantArt site while you guys are at it: Eranova's DeviantART

Below is one of the pics I recently did. Join the Contingent! It'll save your life for the better!


It's DONE!!!

2008-05-24 04:47:34 by Axilia-Eranova-Black

I've been on a nice lil cloud within my imagination... and a lil bit of love... X3

What's it like to be on the moon of ultimate joy? I've been working on this pic (you can go find out more and see it in a much bigger size in my deviantart account:

Juuso Andelin (the guy who made Bunnykill) is the guy with the weapon and the purple goggles. He's my darl X3 If you wanna know more about that scar, you're gonna have to wait a bit, because I haven't made a story up to cause it...

It's DONE!!!